Radar for Lineage 2 players

Absolute domination in the world of Lineage 2!

NexTarget - radar Lineage II, which gives an overwhelming advantage in PvP and the game as a whole!
Radar allows you to select your target in one second just like to find a needle in a haystack using a magnet!
Additional features will make you a master of the game and flexible settings will ensure your comfort!
The program requires a script platform Adrenalin.
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Adrenalin - the most popular bot and script platform for Lineage II. It automate gameplay using built-in functions and scripts. We offer a wide range of paid and free scripts.
Adrenalin is constantly updated to guarantee secure and stable game without locks.

  • supports 99% of servers(java, off) and all chronicles. Support languages: RUS, ENG
  • search and release of all objects within a radius of thousands of units
  • the list of attack targets, the list of attacking players, mini-map and other
  • multilevel combination sorting by class, clan, nickname, etc.
  • ability of additional sorting by buff, equipment, state
  • display information about class, clan, range, HP and MP of characters
  • display information about state (PK, PVP and ohter), effects (Stun, Silence, Fear and other)
  • the selection of objects from the list, assist by hotkeys
  • PvP functions: AntiAgr, HoldTarget, ResKill, cast interruption, AutoNobless and others
  • a separate window with lists of equipment and buffs of the target
  • flexible interface customization, colors, transparency, refresh rate, etc.
  • use the radar at the same time with the game (without extra clicks between client and radar)
  • ability to use your own custom scripts
  • ability to create your own widgets, visual alerts and to display necessary objects

Updates history


- the critical errors leading to lag of Adrenalin'a and radar are corrected
- corrections in work of the additional functions
- display of icons of clans, equipments, buffs is added
- now additional functions ignore allies
- now information on the purpose it is possible to copy
- the choice of objects from the list of aimed is added
- AutoSkill works not on all group now, and on any chosen players


- fixed some bug
- now in the settings, you can choose the window for which you want to use radar
- thanks to the above, you can now use any scripts without adding to NTCustomScript
- in Break Cast added ability Spell Turning
- added support for bug macro


- fixed some bugs
- remove the display standard effects(Abnormals), now it is possible to flexibly configure
- improved window for more information about targets now display basic information and effects(Abnormals)
- improved optional setting players, more conditions and the ability to set its icon to the right of any nickname
- other small changes


- fixed ResKill
- added function NextTarget


- added english version
- added visabillity of buffs with UD animation type
- fixed AntiDisarm
- added visabillity of players with unrecognized classes


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Individual scripts

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